Membership FAQ

Q. What is a PTSA?

A. PTSA is a parent teachers and students association, run by a parent group. 

Q. What does PTSA make possible for our school?

A. PTSA makes possible the following:

  • Essential academic enrichment for students
  • Funding for school programs that State can no longer provide
  • Family engagement, and events connecting the community.
  • You can take a look at our programs and events for this year here

Q. Why should I join PTSA?

A. The strength of the PTSA unit is represented by its membership. The more members the bigger is our voice to collectively bring programs that our membership likes. The more members we have the more power we have to table issues and bring advocacy for students.


Q. I have purchased PTSA membership last year, should I purchase a PTSA membership again this year?

A. Yes, PTSA memberships are only good for the academic year it is purchased in.

Q. If one parent joins PTA, why do you ask that the other parent join, too?

A. As with any advocacy organization, the more members, the louder the voice. So, while it is not a requirement that every adult in the family join PTSA, we encourage you to help make the organization as strong an advocate as possible.

Q. Who can join PTSA?

A. Anyone that cares about our students can become a member! That means parents, grandparents, teachers, relatives, friends, community members and more.

Q. How do I join?

A. Joining is simple! Just click here to join.

Q. What are the benefits of joining?

A. PTSA events are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. Joining the PTSA also means you get a “VOICE and a VOTE” in helping shape the education of your child at Audubon Elementary. Every dollar we spend is debated and voted on by the membership at our meetings. Besides,

  • PTSA members receive exclusive access to the students' directory, including class assignments and parents' contact information.
  • As a PTSA member, you can find all the contact information you need to schedule play-dates or invite friends to a birthday party. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your fellow parents!


Individuals can take advantage of a host of benefits from PTSA membership including:

  • Access to student online directory (connect with families for play dates and party planning)
  • Participate in student advocacy, vote in PTSA General Membership Meetings on important issues.
  • Several merchants support PTSA. You can avail participating merchant's discounts where applicable. Click here to see a list of merchants. 

Q. Where does my membership fee go?

A. Your membership fee is used to pay dues to the council, state, and national PTA. They in turn support us with tools, resources, governance guidelines, and allow us to function as a local PTSA unit. Audubon PTSA does not hold on to the membership amount.

  • Your PTSA membership fees and donations allow us to purchase the RazKids app for every student in K-2 grades.
  • Every year, PTSA funds the purchase of this app and other materials requested by the teachers to enrich our students’ educational experience in Audubon.

Q. Where do my donations go?

A. Your donation funds important programs and events for Audubon teachers and students, and family events that build a connected community.

Your PTSA membership fees and donations support teacher appreciation events throughout the year. Pizza Lunch and school supplies give-away in Salad Bar Lunches during conference weeks and many more Teacher Appreciation events.


For example, your Family Pizza helps our school...

  • Together we raised $511.82 from the October Pizza Night fundraiser. Mod Pizza donated 20% of all your pizza purchases to Audubon. 
  • These funds will directly support student enrichment programs, fund teacher appreciation events, help us purchase supplies and technology for the classrooms, and many more.
  • Thank you again for joining us for Audubon Pizza Day! We are so grateful for your participation.

Q. How can I keep updated on PTSA information, activities and events?

A. We use a variety of ways to keep you informed – through this website, our weekly email newsletter and closed Facebook group. We'd also love to see you at an upcoming General Membership Meeting!

Q. As a PTSA Member how do I access my member benefits (Washington State PTA member benefits)?

A. When you become member of Audubon PTSA then in turn you become member of Washington State PTA as well.


WSPTA members can save money through member benefit providers. WSPTA collaborates with businesses and associations that support WSPTA’s mission and vision. As part of that relationship, these organizations offer members special discounts.


Member benefits and discounts are available to all WSPTA members.


To access them, members login to Benefits & Discount Codes using the username and password provided in their welcome letter when they purchase a membership with school PTA.


Check the promotion codes listed for each provider in the main body of the page and the file list for time-sensitive offers.


Important Note: The benefits information is for members only. Please do not share promotional codes or the member username and password with non-PTSA members or on social media.


Q. Why Classroom Teacher & Grade Information is needed?

A. Please note that this is important to update Grade and Classroom teacher name without which we will not be able to distribute program materials and prize distribution, etc. for your child(ren).

Click here to update grade & teacher name. Here is the visual of how it looks like.



Q. Tell me about LWSD Levies.


  • The Audubon community endorsed and supported 3 LWSD levies.
  • Communities can participate in the democratic process by returning Special Election ballots mailed to all Washington residents before the Election day.
  • You can find more information at Vote4LWSDKids.
  • Learn more about Levies here.


Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Audubon PTSA is made up of friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to help answer your questions. Email us at or