Donation Matching


Many local employers, including the ones listed below, make matching contributions to charitable organizations like Audubon PTSA. Please take a moment to see if your company matches your donations. Your company may match even if it is not listed below.


Corporate matching is a great way for money to add up quickly!


If you have questions, check with your company or contact our VP of Fundraising at





Here’s how to request funds from some local companies that support corporate matching:



Corporate Submit Request at:
Adobe Your Cause
AT&T Your Cause
Bank of America Cybergrants
Boeing Your Cause
Gates Foundation* Sharepoint
Google Benevity
Hulu Hulu
Microsoft Benevity
Nordstrom Nordstrom
Starbucks Cybergrants
State Farm Insurance Cybergrants



*Gates Foundation offers 3:1 match!








Did You Know?


Why Classroom Teacher & Grade Information is needed?

Please note that this is important to update Grade and Classroom teacher name without which we will not be able to distribute program materials and prize distribution, etc. for your child(ren).


Click here to update grade & teacher name. Here is the visual of how it looks like.