Reflections is a National PTA arts recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence, and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful not only in school, but in life.


Students in pre-K through grade 12 create original works of art in response to a theme.


For more information please check the state and national Reflection page:


The kids love art! They told us what does this year's Reflections theme “I Will Change the World By...” mean to you through dance, a short film, a poem or story, an original song, a photo or visual work of art.

Announcement Of LWPTSA Council Reflections Art Competition Winners 2021-2022 

All the participants that advanced to council level should get the email about the winners announcement!


There are over 350 entries at the Council from 39 of our local PTAs; 66 entries will be advanced to the WSPTA (state) level of the competition. We are proud and pleased to announce that 3 of the entries from Audubon advanced to the WSPTA (state) level of the competition:



Click here for the whole list.

Dear Parents of the little artists,


We love to congratulate the students whose entries will be moving on to the next level of competition - at Council level. Please also note that online and community entries are treated as if the student attends Audubon.


These are awarded based on overall scores as well as the interpretation of the Theme I will change the world by... from judges. Thank you for understanding that judges' scores and comments remain confidential, per Reflections contest policy. Any entries that receive recognition at Council level would be moved on to State, and then National level. The Council will announce the winners mid-to-late January, and WSPTA will announce their winners in late February/early March.


Here are the entries that advanced to the Council level, Congratulations!!!


Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Max Hu

No plastic to the ocean

Melody Wang

No Trash!

Vedhya Ravikanti

Trees that give Life

Melody Wang

Wipe Trash Off Earth

Alex Zhang

I will change the world by loving animals

Dhruv Seetharaman

I will change the world by picking up trash



Intermediate Division Grades (3-5)

Daniel D. Zhang

I Will Change the World By Developing High Tech Vertical Farms

Amy Hu

Love and care the earth

Anthony Guo

Protect Our Parks - Save Our Planet

Jay Kanjamala

Hand Heart

Vikram Haldar

Let's change together

Vishnu Shreyas

The Big Impact



Thank you so much!

Virtual Ceremony

You can check the slides used in Reflections Virtual Ceremony held on December 7.


Student Entry Form

The Reflections program is now closed, please stay tuned for further notification if you already submit your entries.


Theme search Entry Form 

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winners (2020-21)

Amy Hu (Grade 2) has got "Award of Merit" at WA PTA Reflections.


Here is the list of finalists - 

20-21-WSPTA-Reflections-Finalists-3.10.21.pdf (



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