Membership Meetings


PTSA Board Meetings take place the 2nd Thursday every month.

General Membership Meetings are held every quarter, starting september.


PTSA Board meetings are held at the school library. We begin at 7 pm and the meeting lasts for an hour. PTSA Members are welcome to attend and observe the board conduct it's business. 


General Membership meetings will have a briefing by the board of directors. Principal Kimo may join to present any updates and announcements from the school. All parents are welcome to attend! However, voting is restricted to PTSA members only. There is no commitment or participation required. You can just come and listen. 


These are the dates for our 2019-2020 PTSA Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings 


August 8, 6:30 pm


September 12, 6:45 - 7:15 pm (General Membership Meeting)


October 10, 6:30 pm


November 14, 6:30 pm


*December 5, 6:30 pm, (General Membership Meeting)


*January 16, 6:30 pm 


*February 20, 6:30 pm 


March 12, 6:30 pm, (General Membership Meeting)


*April 16, 6:30 pm 


May 14, 6:30 pm 


June 11, 6:30 pm, (General Membership Meeting)


(*meetings are held the third Thursday of the month due to school holidays.)