2021-2022 Budget Summary



Audubon PTSA is budgeted to spend $45,288.75 in classroom and student enrichment programs.


For community engagement and social events, PTSA is budgeted to spend $7,650.


Our operating expenses, training, is budgeted at $8,400.


Audubon PTSA hopes to raise $40,424 in donations this year so we can continue to offer and bring various programs to make it student enrichment possible and make student learning experience fun!


Download 2021-2022 detailed budget


AudubonPTSA treasurer can be reached at - treasurer@audubonptsa.org

Did You Know?


Why Classroom Teacher & Grade Information is needed?

Please note that this is important to update Grade and Classroom teacher name without which we will not be able to distribute program materials and prize distribution, etc. for your child(ren).


Click here to update grade & teacher name. Here is the visual of how it looks like.