Audubon Elementary

Green Team



Green Team is a partnership between students, Teachers and staff, and PTSA's Sustainability Committee to take on projects to conserve natural resources at school or in the community. The Green Team is part of the King County Green Schools Programs.


Audubon Elementary Green Team has achieved Level 1 (Waste Conservation) CertificationLevel 2 (Energy Conservation) Certification, and Level 3 (Water Conservation) Certification!


What Does Green Team do?


Green Team are the ambassadors for a clean and healthy Earth at Audubon and the community!



  • Participate in biweekly meetings
  • Create posters to raise recycling and composting awareness
  • Pick Up Litter
  • Make Green Team announcements over the PA system at school
  • Take care of the school gardens
  • Learn about ways to conserve resources to help the Earth

Green Team Meetings

Because of the tremendous amount of interest in Green Team, and limited space, each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom can pick one or two Green Team ambassadors to represent their class in Green Team meetings.  These may be the same students every meeting, or students can rotate. There will be additional opportunities to get involved soon, including for primary grades (K-2).


Green Team meets during school hours (12:45-1:10 PM) in Portable #3.

Green Team Leads


Desiree Woodruff (

Monique Celeste (


PTSA Members, Sustainability Committee


Meredith Rivin, Chair (

Kusum Chawla