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Audubon PTSA is parents, teachers, and students association, run by parent group. We work to improve the education, safety, and health of the children in our community. Our local PTA number is 2.8.5.



What does Audubon PTSA do? 


Audubon PTSA works with the school to -


 Provide Essential Academic Enrichment for our students


We bring many different programs for our students; Art docent, Running Club, Math Challenge, Toy Maker assembly, etc.


 Fund for school programs that State can no longer provide


Classroom funds, Grade level learning, field trips, online enrichment programs, Emergency preparedness, Playground maintenance, Library book funds.


 Organize Events to engage and connect community


e-News, Monthly programs and events for families to attend, Coffee with the Principal, Summer Meet & Play, International Night, etc. 




How do we do this?


PTSA has a great Board who take care of PTSA Business items.


(Join us for any of our membership meeting to see us conduct our business.)


Audubon Elementary and PTSA work in partnership to ensure we bring necessary programs to school.


Audubon families support PTSA with their volunteer time and donation contribution for the various programs.