Audubon PTSA Membership



Audubon PTSA has an award winning history of growing memberships! Our goal is to achieve 100% PTSA membership! We have a number of membership options - there's something for everyone!



The cost of an annual membership is $25/families, $15/individual and $11/teachers.






ACCESS - Access to our online student directory

SUPPORT - Fund and support programs and events that directly benefit our teachers and students

CONNECT - Meet other families and strengthen community bond

VOTE - Vote on important issues and support state/National Advocacy goals


As a PTSA member you will get the following benefits :

  • Audubon logo T-shirts and masks at 40% discount
  • Instant access to our online directory (must have for play-dates and party planning)
  • Get FAST PASS to access PTSA events and programs.
  • Get Special discounts on Audubon PTSA Spirit-wear merchandise as well as National & WA State PTA merchandise.
  • Show of support to your PTSA
  • Participate in student advocacy, vote in PTSA General Membership Meetings on important issues.


Please also consider making a donation to Audubon PTSA today! Your donation will go directly to our Audubon community in the form of:


  • Educational Enrichment and academic tutoring (Match Challenge, Spelling Bee, etc..)
  • Parent Education and Support
  • Family Events that build community and connection
  • Teacher appreciation
  • ….and so much more...

Every dollar you donate goes into funding important programs and events for Audubon teachers and students, and family events that build a connected community.




Support Audubon PTSA by choosing one of the following options. Don't forget that you may be able to double your impact with corporate matching!




Family Membership



Single Membership



Staff Membership


$25 $15 $11
PTSA Membership

 For 2 Adults

 For 1 Adult

 For School Staff & Teachers

Access to online student directory
National and WA State PTA merchandise discounts
PTSA program reminders to your inbox
FAST PASS - Early member access to after-school registration    





If you would like to sponsor a Parent and/or Audubon Staff member to become PTSA member, please make a contribution towards our membership scholarship.


Scholarships are recommended by school counselor or directly notified to PTSA.


The scholarship can be kept anonymous. For anonymous sponsorship, please email us.



Click here to sponsor a parent.


Click here to sponsor an Audubon Staff member.