Audubon Elementary Math Challenge 2023-24




Contact person for MC Program: Ankita Mayekar


  • The Math Challenge Program is FREE and NO SIGNUP is required.
  • Students in all grades and abilities are encouraged to participate.
  • There will be 15 challenges throughout the school year. Refer to the calendar below for the release and due dates of the challenges.
  • Each time a student solves a challenge, they’ll be entered into a prize drawing.
  • Students who solve at least 12 challenges will be invited to an end-of-year celebration.
  • Email with any questions about the program.


  1. Print out the current Math Challenge at home.  (Available at the top right of this page)
  2. Solve at least the minimum number of problems for your grade level.  
  3. If you need help with strategies visit for more information. 
  4. When you are ready, please scan and send the answers to or drop them at the front office.