Math Challenge 2021-22


General Information

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  • This program is free and no sign-up is required.
  • All grades K through 5 are encouraged to participate.
  • Total of 15 Math challenges will be published throughout the school year every other week. Scroll Down to check details for each Math Challenge.
  • Refer to the schedule calendar for dates.


  • The purpose of the program is to engage students in math problems that apply classroom knowledge and covers problem solving strategies such as drawing a picture or model, making an organized list, looking for a pattern, and working backwards. Families are encouraged to solve the problems with the students.
  • If you submit an individual challenge on time, and answer enough questions correctly, per your grade level, you may be randomly selected to win a prize for that math challenge.
  • If you submit at least 12 math challenges (and correctly answer enough questions on each challenge), you will be eligible for recognition at the end of the school year.

How To Participate



Math Challenge Schedule

(FRI – 3 pm PST) (THU – 3 pm PST) (FRI- 3 pm PST)
MC 1 24-Sep-21 30-Sep-21 8-Oct-21
MC 2 8-Oct-21 14-Oct-21 22-Oct-21
MC 3 22-Oct-21 28-Oct-21 5-Nov-21
MC 4 ('All Winner' Challenge*) 5-Nov-21 12-Nov-21 19-Nov-21
MC 5  19-Nov-21 2-Dec-21 10-Dec-21
(Thanks giving Holiday)
MC 6 10-Dec-21 16-Dec-21 7-Jan-22
MC 7 7-Jan-22 13-Jan-22 21-Jan-22
MC 8 ('All Winner' Challenge*) 21-Jan-22 27-Jan-22 4-Feb-22
MC 9  4-Feb-22 10-Feb-22 18-Feb-22
(Mid Winter Holiday)
MC 10  18-Feb-22 24-Feb-22 4-Mar-22
MC 11 4-Mar-22 10-Mar-22 18-Mar-22
MC 12 ('All Winner' Challenge*) 18-Mar-22 24-Mar-22 1-Apr-22
MC 13 1-Apr-22 14-Apr-22 22-Apr-22
(Spring Break Holiday)
MC 14 22-Apr-22 28-Apr-22 6-May-22
MC 15  6-May-22 12-May-22 20-May-22
Math Challenge Tournament December 11
Award/recognition TBD


'All Winner' Challenge* - Every participant with enough correct answers per grade level will win an exciting prize.



You can submit completed Math Challenges in one of two ways.

- Paper: Submit the solved paper to your class teacher.

- Electronic: Use the upload or online form on this web page.


***Late submissions will not be accepted.



This year we will recognize all the participating students with enough correct answers per respective grade level and publish their names under results and randomly select one student in each class as 'Math star student' and reward them. Students who can answer all questions correctly in each MC will be recognized as 'Solid star student'.


Note: If you do not want your child's name to be published on our webpage, please contact Math Chair and we will keep the student's name anonymized. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many math challenges will there be and how many must I complete?


A. There will be a total of 15 challenges and students are not required to complete any. However, if you complete 12, and answer enough correct questions per your grade level for each challenge, you'll earn a math recognition certificate at the end of the school year. 


Q. How do you determine the winners in each math challenge?


A. In most math challenges, we randomly select students from the participants who answered enough questions correctly. Those students receive a small prize. A few challenges this year are special challenges in which everyone who submits the correct number of answers for their grade will win a prize. 


Q. Do students of different grades get different challenges?


A. No. All students K-5 get the same problems to solve. However, the minimum number of question that need to be answered vary by grade and questions get progressively more challenging.


Q. Can you explain how to submit the math challenge? 


A. You can submit a paper copy by the due date into the math challenge bin in the school premises or you can use one of the two online form options on this web page.



1. Submit answers through Google Forms 





2. Send picture of paper copy to MC team






3. Submit a paper copy to your class teacher.



Volunteers needed!

Please sign up to volunteer and work with our amazing Math Challenge team.



Math Challenge Tournament

A Big round of applause to all 2021 Math Challenge Tournament(MCT) top performers! 



*Highest Scorer and MCT Champion
Level 2 Division I Tanvi A*
Level 2 Division II Vaani S
Level 3 Division II Suraj A*
Level 3 Division II Aradhya A


Thank you to all who participated. Our school has been eligible for the MCT give back program.


All MCT Champions will receive both a medal and an MCT Champion backpack. All MCT top 10% scorers will receive a medal.



Math Challenge - Highest Participation Award

The class with highest participation till MC#12 is picked up and given a prize:


Prize Teacher Name Grade
1st Ms. Bailie Kindergarten
2nd Mr. Strunk Grade 4



Contact Information

Chairs: Suma & Satya



Math Challenges


MC 1




MC 2




MC 3




MC 4 - 'All Winner Challenge'




MC 5




MC 6




MC 7




MC 8 - 'All Winner Challenge'




MC 9




MC 10




MC 11




MC 12 ('All Winner' Challenge)




MC 13




MC 14




MC 15




Did You Know?


Why Classroom Teacher & Grade Information is needed?

Please note that this is important to update Grade and Classroom teacher name without which we will not be able to distribute program materials and prize distribution, etc. for your child(ren).


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