2024-2025 Audubon PTSA

Board of Directors Nominees

The 2024 Audubon PTSA Nominating Committee hereby places the following names in nomination:


●  For Office of President: Andrea Turnbull

●  For Office of Secretary: Sarah Rafuse

●  For Office of Treasurer: Jennifer Dotson

●  For Office of VP Communication: Meredith Rivin

●  For Office of VP of Fundraising: Samantha Bogart

●  For Office of VP of Events: OPEN

●  For Office of VP of School Services: OPEN

●  For Office of VP of Student Enrichment: Alla Pinzari

●  For Office of VP of Outreach: Hallie Naber


2024-2025 Nomination Committee Report



What is the Audubon Elementary PTSA?

PTSA stands for Parent, Teacher, Student Association.


Audubon Elementary PTSA works with the school to brings a greater school experience for our kids. We do that by bringing enrichment programs for our kids, providing funding support for school, and keeping families connected with community events and programs. 


PTSA is the largest child advocacy non-profit organization made up of parent volunteers. We have a great support system at the National, State, and council level PTAs. Audubon PTSA follows WA State bylaws. Our board of directors get training to be responsible leaders, and we work with our members towards a common goal. 


What Does PTSA do? 

  • Sponsors many programs that directly contribute to your child’s education, including before and after school enrichment classes, Art Docent Program, Math Challenge and Tournament, Yearbook, and many others!
  • Funds cultural programs that enhance the curriculum throughout the year, such as hosts Back to School Bash, International Festival, School Dances, Gaga Ball Tournament, Movie Night, and more!
  • Contributes substantial funds each year for educational materials for each classroom, library, field trips, EZ Grants and more
  • Provides a directory of our school community as well as information about school and community events through the PTSA eNews newsletter and website
  • Coordinates parent volunteers for classrooms, school office, and all school events.
  • Organizes with Lake Washington, Washington State and National PTAs to collectively advocate for all school children, starting with your concerns and solutions.






Audubon PTSA is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Local PTA number: 2.8.5

Located at: 3045 180th NE, Redmond, WA, 98052


Contact us at info@audubonptsa.org


Audubon PTSA is member of: