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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Audubon Elementary!


We have a variety of volunteer opportunities. Time commitments can range from helping out for a few hours at one of our events, or spending a few hours over a week helping plan and run an event. No matter how much time you have we can help find a job for you!


Message from Volunteer Program Supervisor @Lake Washington School District

Hello Volunteers!

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy our beautiful summer weather. My family started taking “quitting time” walks before dinner. This has turned into a nice routine that gives us structure and helps us separate our “work time” and “home time”.

As we approach September, it’s time to think about “school time” and the role of our volunteers. LWSD recognizes the value of volunteers and their contributions to our students’ education and our District mission. At this time during remote learning, the District is focused on providing educational essentials to our students. Following guidelines from OSPI, the District will be limiting nonessential visitors and volunteers to our schools.


For any essential in-person volunteering in our schools requested by a staff member, the volunteer: must be an approved LWSD volunteer, will need to go through the same attestation process/screening process as required for staff to be in the building, and will follow all safety protocols, including wearing a mask at all times and meeting physical distancing requirements.


If a staff member determines that students need help from an approved volunteer through our online platform, Microsoft Teams, a staff member should organize, initiate and monitor the online session.


To be ready for when we do return to in-person learning and when more volunteers will be needed, it is important to keep your volunteer application current. When you receive your renewal reminder from Raptor, please renew promptly.


We have such an amazing community of volunteers. Thank you for your continued support of our students.


Christina Robison


Requirements for Volunteering

In order to volunteer at school you must be an approved volunteer through the Lake Washington School District. You will have to provide a copy of your drivers license or government issued id.


Information on this process can be found here: District Volunteer Application


Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to explore volunteering opportunities here at Audubon PTSA.