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During quarantine, our PTSA has been thinking of ideas to make coming back to school safer and easier for families. One program to come out of this quest is a new school supply kit option for Audubon families. 


What is the School Supply Kit Program? 

Instead of families shopping around at different stores and paying retail for individual school supply lists, we are offering the option to buy a school supply kit in advance and be delivered directly to the student’s classroom with their name on it. 


ONLINE Sales is now open and will run until July 6th.  


Is the program available for all grades?  

The program will be available for grades 1-5. 
Note that kindergarten teachers will be supplying most items (fee charged) for their grade.
What will be in the kit? 
The kit will reflect the required items from the official school supply list. 
The optional items are not included and these will need to be provided by each parent.
What won’t be in the kits? 
Although the school supply lists might have backpacks, headphones, water battle and lunch box on them, those won’t be in the school supply kits as those items are personal to each student.  There will an option to choose a backpack, water bottle and lunch box and add to our order but not a headphone.

NOTE: Additionally, it’s possible that requirements may be added in the fall by the school, such as face masks, personal hand sanitizer, etc. These kits are not a guarantee that nothing else will be added, but these kits are a guarantee that you will have the required items from your supply lists as we know of now and won’t pay retail for these required items.


Is this mandatory? 

Not at all.  School supply lists will still be posted to and parents will still have the option to get school supplies on their own.


Are these refundable if I change my mind? 
Unfortunately, not at this time. Sales are final and no return or refund will be available.  However, if your family moves or no longer needs a purchased kit, let us know and the PTSA can help put the word out to see if a family would like to purchase it from you. In case you decided to not send your child to school in fall, the kit is yours, please let us know and we will arrange for you to pick it up.
 Is this a fundraiser? 

Although many schools use school supply kits as fundraisers, Audubon and our PTSA decided to offer it as a service. The prices for each kit are exactly what the supplier charges.


Who do I contact with questions?  If you have any questions, please e-mail


How do we order?

You can order directly at

Enter account number 13514 to shop for our school supply kits

ONLINE Sales are open NOW and will run until Jul 6th