Spelling Bee 2021-22




Audubon PTSA is proudly stepping into the third year of presenting Spelling Bee for the academic year 2021-2022. Audubon has enrolled in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, It is one of the nation’s oldest popular competition with purpose to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.


Registration will be open to all students from grades 1 through 5. Student/Parent orientation will be held online this time. Because of the remote learning situation we are planning to have an online written round using the tool provided by Scripps themselves as the preliminary round. We may plan to have an in person oral round later in Jan 2022 in compliance with the school district & Scripps policies during COVID-19. School champion, runner up and grade level champions will be selected after the final round like the last time. All participants will receive a participation certificate. School winners will receive medals and prizes. School Champions will be sent to ‘Regionals’ conducted by Scripps National Spelling Bee as per their policies during this social distancing period.


SpellingBee team of Audubon will be closely following up with Scripps National Spelling Bee to decide the time and format of the final Oral round in January 2022, as there is a lot of uncertainty at this time.


Like any other enrichment program, we welcome volunteers to help us run this program smoothly. Sign up links will be available online for parents who can help in the events.


Kindly follow this web page for all the information, timeline and updates regarding Audubon School Level Spelling Bee for the academic year 2021-22, as the events and the corresponding dates posted in the website are tentative and subject to change.




Q. What is SpellingBee? How do I participate?
A. The SpellingBee in Audubon is a PTSA initiative at school level. The SpellingBee competition is conducted based on the Scripps National Spelling Bee format.


Q. How do I know more about School SpellingBee?
A. Please visit during the orientation day to learn more about this competition that will be held in Audubon by the PTSA.


Q. How do I make my child participate?
A. Please complete and submit the registration form that is found on the PTSA website before the mentioned deadline.


Q. Our family is out of town for the written round preliminary / final round for the school level spelling bee, Can we retake?
A. We cannot provide another date for any reason as it is a competition measured against other participants.

Q. How should my child prepare?
A. We will provide the word list and recommended books to read to prepare at home recommended by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Please attend orientation for more details.


Q. Is there a grade level spelling bee competition?
A. At Audubon, the team has discussed with school / judges last year & has decided to conduct only a school level spelling bee not grade level due to the time / resource / process involved. Despite the Grade level the student is in, the first round will have questions from the school level word list provided to you after registration. Please attend orientation to know more.


Q. The school level word list is a lot in number for my student, how do I help my student?
A. As a parent if you have decided for your student to participate in the first round already, you must have received the spelling bee school level word list. If you think the word list is very high, to encourage your child & help the student learn as much as she/ he can this year. We suggest starting small - please drop an email to spellingbee@audubonptsa.org requesting for a subset of word list. We can send you the one bee (lower elementary), two bee (upper elementary) and three bee word list for you specially. You can use one at a time to work through completion to help your student learn new words. Note: These 3 PDFs are only a subset of the same 450 words & are the same when put together. Please note the first round will include all the 450 words for everyone participating despite you getting from us these 3 subsets of 450 words.



For questions contact Pavithra Balagangadhar & Suchismita Boxi.




Oral round


We have successfully completed the oral round of Spelling bee:


A huge shout out to our Audubon school champion Snigdha Sunil Nair (Grade 5) and runner up Mrinalini Karthikeyan (Grade 4).


A special thanks to our Principal, Mr. Spray and PTSA Co-President Lilach Geppert for their presence throughout the event. 


Below is the list of all School and Grade level winners.



Preliminary round


Congratulations to everyone who participated on this great journey of learning new words. This year we had 70 registrants and 49 participants who attended the preliminary round out of which the following 13 participants will be advancing to the oral round:


First Name Last Name Grade
Arjun Balaji 1
Aarav Yadav 1
Shaunak Jagajampi 2
Tanvi Agrawal 2
Anay Kuhile 3
Suvan Padhy 3
Ananya Verma 3
Suraj Agarwalla 3
Mrinalini Karthikeyan 4
Sienna Zhao 4
Rishik Venkatesh 4
Snigdha Sunil Nair 5
Anvi Patil 5




  • Regional Spelling Bee: March 19, 2022 at 1 pm in Town Hall, Seattle. 



Registration is CLOSED now.




Send an email to spellingbee@audubonptsa.org for spelling bee volunteering interest with subject "volunteering".