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Would you like your child to learn the locations of the world's countries and begin to develop an understanding of our complex world? The Passport Club at Audubon Elementary is for 1st through 5th grade students that provides a foundation in global literacy and inspires curiosity about Earth's interesting geography. Our goal is to help students explore and learn some, or all, of the world's countries as well as major geographic features such as continents, oceans, deserts and mountain ranges.


In this program, students will:


1. Receive their own passport and study map printouts (from September till May) in the welcome packet.  



2. Start with your level to study.




3. Participate in the online passport check.




The level selected at registration is the level for which you will receive quiz link every month to registered email on the day of the Passport Check.


Please note: Once you select a level you will receive a quiz link for that level every month throughout the school year. If you receive level 5 quiz link then it is suggested that the student attempts the questions of the level selected for that particular month and skip the questions of the rest of the levels until you see the final submit button.


If you decide to change the selected level at later time, please write to us at



4. Earn a stamp for each level cleared. Students are required to get a cut off of 80% to "pass" a level and then they earn a stamp for that particular month.





Coordinators may add special geography projects, activities or global literature as they see fit!



On the last working Wednesday (*except in the months of November and December) of each month students will take the Passport Check (online quiz). The link for the quiz will be provided to parents by email. The link is active from 8 am Wednesday to 8 pm Sunday. Submissions post 8 pm are not accepted. Students will get one attempt to take the test online so make sure you enter the correct names and the level on the online quiz form. This step is called “Passport Check”. Students are asked to identify the countries on the map for the level they have selected that month. A student must pass each level before moving on to the next one. For each cleared level, a stamp from some of the countries they have learned will be awarded. The earned stamps will be handed over to them in the classroom once a month.


Itinerary for each month Stamps earned for each month
Level 1 Clear Level  1, student earns 1 stamp
Level 2 Clear Level 1 and  Level 2, student earns 2 stamps
Level 3 Clear Level 1,  Level 2 and Level 3 , student earns 3 stamps
Level 4 Clear Level 1,  Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4, student earns 4 stamps
Level 5 Clear Level 1,  Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5, student earns 5 stamps


We will be announcing the number of stamps earned by all the participants on our webpage every month.


Check the Passport Check Results here!


Note: If you do not want your child's name to be published on our webpage, please contact the Passport Club Chair and we will keep the student's name anonymized.



If a student sticks to the same level and “passes” that level every month throughout the school year, he/she will get a level completion certificate at the end of the school year. (students need to attempt 6 challenges out of 8 to be eligible for level competition.)  


Explorer Awards: 2 Winners per grade irrespective of their level. (Of all the participating and eligible students, we will sort them per their grade level and randomly select 2 winners per grade irrespective of the levels attempted.)


Globetrotter Award: 2 Winners per level (4 & 5) irrespective of their grade. (Of all the participating students, we will filter the students who have completed level 4 & 5 and randomly select 2 winners irrespective of their grades.)  



Month of School Year

Date of Quiz




















Parents should help their child to choose a grade appropriate, yet challenging level of study. As students progressively increase their level, they build on prior knowledge and continue to learn more countries.


Level 1

This is an introductory level for any student who wants to focus on 5 countries per month. Students will learn a total of 40 countries by year’s end.


Level 2

This intermediate level involves 10 countries per month. Level two teaches the location of 80 countries plus the seven continents and three great oceans.

Level 3

This advanced intermediate level involves 15 countries per month (except September and December) or 115 countries by year’s end. It includes the lesser known countries and island groupings.


Level 4

At this expert level, students will have become familiar with all the world countries by the end of the school year. 25 countries will be studied each month (except in September and December). In addition, they will learn about the continents, oceans, seas, bays, gulfs, Oceania, the equator and the prime meridian.

Level 5

This is the highest level. It is the level where they really start to explore what they have learned. Students learn the capitals of all the major countries learned in level one and memorize deserts and mountain ranges.


Itinerary  for each month

Online Quiz level to be  attempted each month

Level 1

Quiz Level 1

Level 2

Quiz Level 1 and  Level 2

Level 3

Quiz Level 1, Level 2  and Level 3 

Level 4

Quiz Level 1, Level  2, Level 3 and Level 4

Level 5

Quiz Level 1, Level  2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5



Passport Club offers its remote learners across the country access to their Virtual Classroom. This is a most helpful tool, through which students can engage in activities about each month’s objects of analysis. They can also click on links for enrichment and independent study, including videos and book recommendations related to the countries of the month.


1. Click on virtual classroom scroll down and scroll down to select month of learning.


2. Click on the several icons on the Virtual Classroom to learn more about the countries for that month. Here is an explanation of every icon to be explore. 

3. Look for the quiz icon  in your virtual classroom to take a practice quiz and prepare for your next Passport Check.


4. Printouts of the nine Study Maps are provided in your Passport Club folder. There is one map for every month of the school year and they are suitable for all levels. Take a look at them.   


5. Color the countries you will be learning each month following the virtual step-by-step Map Coloring Guide . Both access to the Map Coloring Guide and to the printable Study Maps (in case your student needs extra copies for practicing) are password protected. These passwords are shared via email to parents. If you need any help, let us know at


1. Encourage your child to practice by coloring the Study Maps. Posting them up or hanging any large world wall map in a visible place in your home is also an effective way for a child to learn World Geography.

2. Use the monthly online practice test on Virtual Classroom to prepare for Passport Check and review the provided material with your child.

3. Talk to your child about global events in the news and ask them to point out the locations on a map.


4. For more information on The Passport Club, please click on the following:

Official Website:

Passport Club is a parent-driven activity, thus we count on your support to enrich students’ understanding
of World Geography. Most importantly, it is your support at home that makes this program achieve great results.



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For any questions or concerns, please contact Passport Club Chair Yasodhara.