Math Challenge Tournament





Congratulations to the winners of the Fall 2020 National Math Challenge Tournament!




Harsh B


Shree S


Dhruv S


Apoorva S



All top 10% scorers will receive a medal from Ellipsis Academy.



Audubon PTSA is gearing up for its second Fall 2020 Math Challenge Tournament. This year's tournament will be held online on Saturday December 12, 2020. All registered students can start the test anytime between 10 am - 5 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Once students have started the test, they will have one hour to complete it in one sitting.

Fall 2020 Math Challenge Tournament

Where: Online
Date: Saturday December 12, 2020
Time: Anytime between 10 am - 5 pm PST
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $20 per student

The 3-digit code for John James Audubon Elementary School is: 136.

*All registered students will receive an email containing - test link, access code, etc. on Monday December 7, 2020. Please add to your contact list to ensure that this email doesn't go to your spam folder.



Tournament registration closed.



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General Information

What is it

Why should my student participate

Types of questions

Tournament rounds


Tournament Format

General rules

Levels & Divisions



For First Round (Fall 2020)

For Second Round (Spring 2021)

Certificates and Tournament results


Registration Details & System Requirements




General Information

The Math Challenge Tournament was provided by Ellipsis Academy and run by the Audubon PTSA and parent volunteers.


All registered students receive a certificate of participation and a keepsake. Students who are in the top 10% in their grade level and division win a special prize.

What is it

The Math Challenge Tournament is a National individual Mathematics tournament in which students from all 50 states participate. The tournament open to Grade 2-6 studentsHowever, students in Grade 1 can participate but will be competing at a grade 2 level.

Why should my student participate

The Math Challenge Tournament provides a valuable and fun opportunity for our young students to show case their skills in a variety of math topics. We strongly believe that exposing students to healthy competitions early encourages them to reach their full potential. We hope that students will take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned and to showcase their problem-solving abilities.

Types of questions

Ellipsis Academy carefully designed and selected math problems with two focuses in mind: fundamental skills and problem solving skills. Our goal is to motivate students to do the best they can in both skills. Through this tournament, we would like to recognize students' overall talent and potential while providing them with standardized test taking experience.

Tournament Rounds

The Math Challenge Tournament consists of two rounds.

  • The first round Fall 2020 MCT will be held online on Saturday, December 12, 2020.
  • The second round (master round) will be held in the Springtime of 2021. Top 30 from each level and division will be invited to the Masters round based on the results of the first round.*Because the Masters round is an on-premise event, at this time, the feasibility of this round is still pending.



Tournament Format

Math Challenge problems are in multiple choice format, both on Mental Math Challenge and Problem Solving Challenge. Tournament test are to be completed online within 1 hour (60 minutes).


Scratch papers are allowed on both sections; however, it’s recommended to solve the Mental Math sections ‘mentally’ to save time.

  • Mental Math Challenge (15 minutes) - Students will be presented with 40 problems to be solved by students "mentally". Because of the emphasis on speed and accuracy, students are given only 15 minutes to answer as many of the 40 problems as they can correctly. Each problem is worth 2 points with a maximum individual score on this test of 80.
  • Problem Solving Challenge (40 minutes) - Students will be presented with 20 problems to solve. The first 8 questions are worth 5 points each, the next 7 questions are of intermediate difficulty and worth 7 points each, and the last 5 questions are harder and worth 10 points each. The maximum individual challenge score is 139 points.

The mental math and individual test scores will be added to determine individual awards for a maximum of 219 points.



General Rules

  • Calculators, notes, reference material, dictionaries, and other aids (including those can be accessed from computers and devices) are not permitted. No aids other than a pencil and scratch papers are allowed.
  • Once students hit the START button, they will have 60 minutes to complete the test. The clock will automatically countdown.   
  • Students are allowed to skip questions.
  • Students are allowed to go back to previous questions during the 60 minutes test period.

Levels & Divisions​

Math Challenge Tournament ​levels correspond to school grades. Grade 2 corresponds to level 2, grade 3 to level 3, and so on. We allow first graders to participate in level 2.

Each grade level will have 2 divisions:

Division I is for students who are enrolled in an accelerated learning program such as Quest, GATE, ALP, and Hi-Capable or students who are studying at least 1 grade above their grade level.


Division II is for all students who are not enrolled in any accelerated learning program.​ Our main goal is to motivate students to continue their effort to improve their mathematics skills. By providing Division II, students who are less experience in math contest and just starting to develop the love for math will not be discouraged. By competing in this division, they will have the opportunity to shine.





For First round (Fall 2020):

  • All registered students can download a certificate of participation that is printable after they completed the test.
  • Students who are in the top 10% in their grade level and division will earn a medal.
  • Students who score the highest overall in their grade level and division will earn a special prize.

For Masters round (Spring 2021):

  • All registered students will receive a certificate of participation.
  • All students competing in grade level 2-5 will compete for the TOP 5 places.
  • All students competing in grade level 6 will compete for the TOP 3 places.

Certificate and Tournament Result

  • All registered students can download a certificate that can be printed after they complete the test.
  • The individual result will be emailed to each student starting on Monday December 14, 2020 at 10 am. This email will also include a link to download student's certificate along with student's test details (test questions, student's answer and the correct answers for the ones that student got incorrect).
  • The tabulated national results will be posted on our website on Monday December 18, 2020. This will include the names (first name and initial of last name) of students who score in the top 10% nationally.



Registration Details

Please note the following before registering your student(s).

  1. This tournament will be held online. To successfully take this online test, the following system's requirement must be met:
    • Students need to have a desktop, laptop or mobile device with a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc).
    • Configure your browser to enable Cookies, 3rd Party Cookies and JavaScript. You can search on how to do this specifically for the browser you are planning to use.
    • Good internet connection.
  2. Since this is an online test, students will need to know how to use a mouse and keyboard to select an answer, navigate from one question to another, etc. They also will need to enter their first name, last name, parent's email and access code. Please note that for younger students (grade 1 and 2), parents might need to help their student on this before they start the test.
  3. ​No refund after registration.
  4. All times indicated are in Pacific Time Zone. Please convert accordingly to your local time zone.
  5. On Dec 12, 2020, students can start the test at anytime between 10am - 5pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). This is an automated online test system and the system will automatically close access to any test before 10 am and after 5pm PST exactly.
  6. Once you have submitted your student's registration, Ellipsis will automatically send you an email confirmation which also contains a link to practice materials. Please look in your spam folder and email if you don't see this email within 1 hour after registration.
  7. Students and parents agree to abide by the tournament policy/rules.
  8. Students can start the test at any time between 10 am - 5 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Once students have started the test, they will have one hour to complete it in one sitting.
  9. *Tournament registration closes on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 8 pm