Get Ready for Read-a-thon 2022 hosted by Audubon PTSA!


Read-a-thon week is January 24-30, 2022.


Donations can be made at any time between January 31st and February 5th.


Get your book, find a cozy corner, and start reading!


What is Read-A-Thon?

Read-A-Thon is a PTSA fundraising event during which students read books to raise money for the PTSA. Read-A-Thon encourages students to read books and appreciate the joy of reading. All Audubon Elementary students can participate in the Read-A-Thon.


How do you participate?

Read every day from 24th Jan to 30th Jan

Enter daily minutes read on the reading log

Add up minutes read at the end of the week

Donate to Audubon PTSA based on number of minutes read


Simple steps for Read-A-Thon

  • Read daily & log your minutes
  • Submit your minutes and donate


What counts as reading?

Kids reading by themselves

Parents reading to kids

Listening to Audiobooks

Kids reading to siblings/pets/stuffed animals

Reading to a friend/sibling will count for both kids


When will Read-A-Thon take place?

Reading Week January 24th – 30th
Donation Week January 31st – February 5th
Prize Distribution 3rd week of February


 Read-A-Thon Winners 

1. $25 Gift Card Recipients (Students with highest number of minutes read in each grade):

Kindergarten - Alexander Maccanti - 505 minutes
1st Grade - Oliver Rivin - 936 minutes
2nd Grade - Arohi Bindish - 1353 minutes
3rd Grade - Jay Kanjamal - 2460 minutes
4th Grade - Lia Reshetnikova - 1486 minutes
5th Grade- Logan Runner - 1250 minutes



2. Winning Class (Class with highest average minutes read):

Grade 4 - Mr. Dave Strunk's Class



3. Randomly selected readers (Students who will get to have lunch with Mr. Spray and Ms. Ames):

Kindergarten - Quinn Bentley
1st Grade - Alisha Nath
2nd Grade - Lilian Zhao
3rd Grade - Avika Bhargava
4th Grade - Jayasri Padmanabhan
5th Grade - Swasthi Nair


Questions/Need more information?

Please email Nishat Akhter and Shruti Rustagi at



$8,500 Raised
$1,500 Needed
Donation WeekJanuary 31- February 5


Read-A-Thon Log

Submit minutes & Donate


4-Dave Strunk 6739
5-Andrew Braswell 6265
3-David Morando 5959
3-Lisa Cronk 4122
4-Katriona (Kat) Veldee 3711
1-Alisa Reebs 3515
3-Samantha (Sam) Holler 3483
K-Lynn Bailie 3195
1-Jennifer Miller 2984
2-Kyle Hutchinson 2900
4-Cate Mueller 2644
3-Kristin Schneider 2598
5-Monique Celeste 2432
1-Madeleine Voight 2285
2-Julie Fassburg 2238
2-Caitlin Haberly 2119
2-Julia Winkelschmidt 2076
K-Maria Chesney 2045
K-Janine Sullivan 1494
1-Brittany McIntosh 1283
K-Alexandria MacDonald 1020